Chicken à la saltimbocca with puree

Chicken à la saltimbocca with puree A real mom's meal for the whole family !

Wash 1 small chicken breast fillet per person, remove any tendons or skins and divide into 2 - 3 large strips.
Stir in the chicken strips salt and pepper and rub in with some barbecue spice . Set aside and let stand for a few minutes.

From 1 medium cauliflower , cut off the stalk and the green leaves and discard.
Rinse the cauliflower briefly and then into small florets chop the solid inner part as well.

Boil everything in salted water and cook for 12 minutes until the firm pieces are soft.

Vegetables to taste Clean, cut into small pieces, and salted water also cook . I took Brussels sprouts and carrots

Place 2 sage leaves on each of the spiced chicken strips and 1 each Wrap bacon or ham slice . Sear it in a hot pan (preferably on the side where the ends of the ham/bacon strips meet). After 4-5 minutes, fry for 5 minutes from the other side.

While the chicken is frying, drain the cauliflower particles into a colander and then put back into the pot. Add 1 good teaspoon of butter , salt , pepper and freshly grated nutmeg . Then use the Blender to make a fine puree. If necessary, season again.

Place a dollop of the cauliflower puree on a plate and decorate the chicken and vegetables. To taste, sprinkle with chilli or herbs .

The cauliflower puree tastes almost like mashed potatoes and was scooped from our plate by our 5 year old ratzeputz.
The chicken is through the ham and the barbecue spice very hearty. By the way, I had left out the sage for our son - Mom and Dad really liked him! We'll do it again! ; -)

Chicken à la saltimbocca with puree