My Jodeldiplom: A delicious farewell in picture and sound

Did I mention it already? I will start a new job soon. Unfortunately, I was not discovered as a new star moderator for "Lanz cooks" (but there is already a very keen Aitsch boss). No, food continues to be my hobby and my Jodeldiplom. You finally have your own. Now I allow myself a little break from work. I'll let you know where it will take me professionally from mid-March and what kind of food candy I'll enjoy until then.

Much more important now is the farewell to the old agency and the beloved colleagues. What could be more natural than cooking a small delicious meal for the whole team (before they all stand in line in front of the microwaves at lunchtime and it takes a long time). Here, small food is a bit understated. Or rather grossly understated. If you take off your colleagues who are on a business trip, on vacation or sick, there are still about 40 people left.

So I'm cooking a meal for 40 people. Haha. Of course, I am totally aware that this great idea exceeds my own capacities as well as my mini-kitchen by about 2000%. And what do you do in such a case? You just get an insanely nice and charming ally on board, who also can not imagine anything more beautiful than food - and also completed an apprenticeship as an Ayurveda cook: my friend Miriam Heger. On her side Miricholy she tells about herself and her philosophy about food. And if you've always wanted to spend a week with yoga and fantastic ayurvedic food in one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, then you've come to the right place (there are still a few places left!).

With Miriam So I sat in the bulldozer last Monday night and with a few (unfortunately still overpriced) glasses of white wine, we have designed our battle plan. We came pretty quickly to the conclusion that the kitchen in the agency definitely exudes: typical office kitchen - no stove, but two microwaves.

Therefore, we have come up with a "non-flying buffet", in which the Most of the food is already pre-portioned in a glass or on a plate. This can be great prepare, looks very colorful and makes something right here. You also need about 500 small glasses and a huge American car for transport. And then we can start.

Here comes the squad:
- Mousse of the Red Beets

- Salty mini muffins with feta cream and salad puff

- Vegetable couscous with tomato and olive patties
- Small spicy lamb cutlet on orange lentils
- Glass noodle salad with glazed cinnamon and ginger turkey and satay sauce
- Coconut milk rice with passion fruit punch

Miriam did a great little movie about "Before - In the Middle - After" (and from the leftover meal) cut together, which I borrowed:

The movie shows our event like this for us was - it was so great! We already had a lot of fun planning and went home full of anticipation for our cooking event (no, that was not just the white wine). We just had a good feeling, even though we had never realized a project of this size together before.

It could also have been, of course, that during our preparations for two hours we preferred to push each other's kitchen knives into relevant parts of the body and then never speak to each other again.Thanks Miri, I would do it again with you at any time!

love, colleagues it was great with you! Thank you very much for the exciting time at the TBWA, a great last lunch break with you and especially for the pink farewell card with champagne and voucher * Tränchenlauf * I'll just take a glass of the good stuff ...

Mission completed.