Hurray - 2012 is here!

GourmetGuerilla wishes everyone a charming and prosperous New Year! Hopefully you will find plenty of time and energy for the things that are important to you and that are really fun for you.

What would be the new year without the notorious good intentions? We decided collectively to keep the energy of the fresh new year as long as possible and start with the motto "less is more" in our 2012. In the next time we will have little simple carbohydrates like bread, pasta or rice, no industrially produced sweets, alcoholic drinks (auweia!) and junk. There are more seasonal vegetables, protein and legumes on the menu. I'm curious how we are doing (he). Especially my evening glass of white wine I will miss very much. And the man and child will even relinquish the cherished occasional father-son outings to McDonalds. Keep your fingers crossed for our little family experiment!

And what did you plan for 2012? We wish you every success!