Teufelsböller with bean curd

Teufelsböller with bean curd In this dish, I've made a rediscovery from the organic supermarket: TK-Köttbullar. I'm usually not a fan of convenience products. But a look at the label showed good news (as one would expect from "good organic"). In addition to happy beef, some potato powder, onions and spices were processed.
Especially convenient after a long day of work, as the preparation time for the entire dish is reduced to 15 minutes.

And this is how it works:

Open 1 can of white beans and place with the liquid in a smaller saucepan. Add so much water that the beans are barely covered. Add 1 pinch of oregano , salt and pepper and 1 chopped garlic clove and bring to a boil. Simmer over medium heat, stirring occasionally.

1 bag of organic TK-Köttbullar (about 500 g) in a pan, roast really hot (roasted flavors!) And then Cook over medium heat for 8 minutes , stirring occasionally. (If you do not want to use TK products, take about 400 g of organic ground beef with salt, pepper and a little mustard and make little balls out of it.) The roast time does not change.)

While the Köttbullar fry, 2 handfuls of Pimentos (small peppers that are not spicy) or wash and clean other peppers. Add the köttbullar to the pan and fry for 8 minutes . Salt and pepper.

And now spice it up to taste. There's everything the store cabinet can do: spicy Thai chili sauce, cayenne pepper, chilli flakes etc. I took chilli flakes. Attention! First take a little and then progress gradually to the correct sharpness.

While the Köttbullar with the Pimentos in the pan smear, pour the beans through a sieve and thereby catch some of the cooking liquid (eg a small bowl or a Put a cup under it). Put the beans back in the pot and puree with 1 teaspoon of butter . Season with salt and pepper . If the purée is too firm, stir in some of the cooking water.

Place a large dollop of the bean curd on a plate and then serve the köttbullar/pimentos on it. If you like (like me) fresh onions, sprinkle a few more onion rings on top. Parsley or cilantro are also great.

The warm, mild beanie goes well with the hot bollards, the pimentos also give it a crack.